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It’s not all doom and gloom here chez Ms. Peelpants. I spend about as much time worrying about relaunches and the commercialisation of vintage as those responsible deserve, which isn’t much. In the meantime, aside from my continued search for the most beautiful and varied vintage pieces I can offer my customers, I have listed all manner of new pretty pretties on the website and over on ebay. Here are some of my favourites, but please do check out the rest – it’s hard to choose!

Jeff Banks:
It’s easy to forget just how good a designer Jeff Banks really is. When someone like Ossie Clark burns bright and brief, it’s easy to idolise them for their genius. When, as with Jeff Banks, a designer manages to forge a successful career in the mainstream for the best part of forty years…well, you take them for granted don’t you? But
Seventies Jeff Banks was in his element with gorgeously printed cool rayons, crepes and cottons. All puffed and fluttered sleeves, flippy little skirts and some stunning cutting.

This is a particularly adorable example, and only on offer because it doesn’t fit me – because it is otherwise one of the most fabulous dresses I’ve seen! I’m a sucker for a mixed print delight, and this is the most delightful! £195 over at Vintage-a-Peel….

Next up is possibly the single most incredible Biba I’ve yet seen. I know I seem to say that everytime I come across a new one….but Barbara Hulanicki never fails to delight me with something completely more amazing than the last completely amazing piece I’ve found!

A superb early 1970s jumpsuit, made from that delicious slinky nylon jersey they were so well known for, the scrumptious claret and cream colours are as vivid as ever and the horse-racing repeat print as an absolute delight! Long, languorous and lean….wildly decadent and evocative of the time. Just add a feather capelet, heavily kohled eyes and a perfect cupid’s bow claret-shaded pout…. £395 over at Vintage-a-Peel….

Ebay Malarkey

Harder to pick out some highlights on ebay this week, mainly because there are a cavalcade of big names (two Bibas, a Bus Stop, an Ossie Clark and a Janice Wainwright) so please do go and check out what else is there other than these two highlights.

Unsigned (but utterly amazing):
Luxurious bohemian style with this wonderful chocolate velvet smocked dress. Printed in a delicious, subtle floral pattern on super soft brown velvet. I love the billowing sleeves, the very flattering smocked bust and the ultra-wearable midi length. Wear with big, wavy hair and big, smokey eyes for a scrumptious winter look. £22 starting bid over on ebay…..

Jean Varon:
Words don’t even begin to convey just how extraordinarily beautiful this piece by John Bates for his Jean Varon label is. Ethereal, soft grey chiffon tumbles falls like tendrils down the front and sleeves….beautifully decorated with sequins and beads. Layered over a pink taffeta lining, it has such wonderful movement and transluscence as the chiffon is layered over the top. These dresses were often cut as straight smocks but this beauty is fitted in the waist and has its original chiffon tie which just as beautifully drapes further down the skirt. £38 starting bid over on ebay

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