Fear not!

marc bolan

….I have not disappeared, I am beavering away behind the scenes on some new listings and an almighty blog post about jumpsuits. I kid ye not! I’m also trying not to get lured outside into the newly arrived sunshine too much, for both the sake of my skin and the website!

Word to the wise, the delightful Lulu’s Vintage blog are having a bit of a vote-type thing for the top ten vintage sites. I know I’m only an ‘umble site on this ‘ere interweb thingy, but if any of you who might like Vintage-a-Peel (and if you’re on my blog, I sincerely hope that you do) feel like voting for me, I’d be very chuffed and honoured and all that.

Back soon with goodies galore!! In the meantime, please enjoy this gratuitous Marc Bolan photo….


5 thoughts on “Fear not!

  1. Hi Ms Peelpants- Just to let you know I’ve been on Lulu’s website and posted a comment voting for yourself, C20 Vintage and Marthas Closet. Even before I blogged, I lurked on your blog and was and still very impressed-keep up the good work!BTW, I love jumpsuits-look forward to your post!!

  2. Awwww, thank you so much!! Yes, I’ll definitely be voting for c20 (although I have yet to splurge, I’ve seen a lot of it in person and daydreamed about the day I can own it all!!). I’m looking forward to getting this jumpsuit blog finished and posted quite frankly. πŸ˜‰

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