Fashion Icon of the Moment: Kate Bush

1970s, fashion icon of the moment, kate bush

Kate Bush. Wide-eyed, bushy-haired and with a voice you feel you probably should hate but somehow makes you fall under its magical spell. Kate has been a fashion icon since the moment she appeared, seemingly perpetually vaseline-smeared, in the late Seventies. She matched her wardrobe to her kooky, dreamy sound and otherworldly appearance. The very epitome of bohemian, her dance background also meant that she interspersed floaty chiffons and silks with spandex dancewear such as leotards and leggings.

Her wild auburn hair was similarly bohemian, always curly or crimped, and has remained her trademark look to this day. Her expressive, open features were enhanced with heavy eye and lip make-up, there was no following the only-emphasise-one-feature rule for our Ms. Bush! She almost defies explanation. Most men I know positively glaze over with lust if you simply mention her name, and there’s definitely a lesson to be learned about subtle seduction in your appearance. And she’s still a very hot lady, without having resorted to botox and facelifts. Personally, this year Kate Bush has emerged as my main squeeze style icon and will remain so for a long while yet.

Kate, we salute you!

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