It’s That Ossie Again! (Magic Ossie Moments Part II)

gala, ossie clark, vintage fangirl squee

I’m starting to wonder if this Ossie is actually meant to be mine. Firstly I find a photo of a model wearing it with Ossie in front of Quorum, then it spends months languishing on my website without being sold, then finally I spy it being worn on the catwalk in British Style Genius. A programme which otherwise made me want to hurl things at my television, I’m still composing myself to attempt to write a longer, non-ranty post about it, and proves yet again that Ossie is a god-like figure who makes the world beautiful and balanced when all around is irritating and miserably depressing.

Here is the best screenshot I could muster, it was a teeny tiny snippet of the dress but doesn’t she look delighted to be wearing it? It’s that kind of dress. And Ossie is that kind of designer.

On a side note, I’m not sure you can better a Hockney painting but I was also delighted to see Ossie’s favourite model, Gala, wearing the legendary portrait dress – which I’m lucky enough to have hanging in my closet.

It greatly entertained me that she was wearing flesh coloured pants, most of his models and muses would never be so straight-laced as to wear underwear normally, because that dress actually really does conceal nothing if you so much as move in it. Hence mine had a hook and eye stitched onto the skirt by its original owner, who told me she wore it at the premiere of Waterloo in 1970. Useless factoid for you there!

6 thoughts on “It’s That Ossie Again! (Magic Ossie Moments Part II)

  1. I have no qualms about putting a hook and eye or snap into my Ossies! Easy for him to say you should bare your crotch to the world in a dress — but he never had to do it.

  2. Hi there-oh you lucky girl having this black and red Ossie in your wardrobe-if you can afford to, but the 1st one in there too. like you say, it might be meant to be that it hasn’t sold, it wants to stay with you!!

  3. Wendy – too right! Much as I love Ossie and John Bates, sometimes their rants about what women should wear (and how) make me very cross!Sharon Rose – I made a promise, to myself, not to sell the portrait one when I first got it…about 4 or 5 years ago now. Because it’s so special but also because I met the original owner and it wasn’t as expensive as it really should have been. I can’t really justify keeping the other one, but sometimes I think fate is telling me something and I should swap it over with another, more ‘commercial’, Ossie in my wardrobe! 😉

  4. Lizzie – It’s a big part of what keeps me excited and persevering with this vintage malarkey! I’m such a geek :DHaha, well it might be a bit cramped in my wardrobe but you’re welcome to come round and dive in! I may have to reduce it a bit, given the current economic climate. That new Biba dress on the website was waiting for the perfect moment, but I’ve decided it needs a better owner than me!

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