More Backcombing: This time with expert advice

backcombing, beauty tips

I did it! I left the house with a modest amount of backcombing last night, albeit kept in place with a couple of clips – but it’s certainly progress!!

In case anyone didn’t see the lovely Miss Senti’s advice on my post further down, re. Drew Barrymore, here it is for anyone who, like me, may be struggling with the idea of leaving the house with backcombing in place and being unable to control it. I’m lucky enough that I will have the lady herself here to help me soon enough, so for everyone else…..

tips for windy days for authentic 60s girls

* set the hair on large rollers with major rootlift so that the hair stays big with minimal backcombing

* always backcomb the hair neatly in thin sections and then ease the sections together with a tail comb so that the overall teasing stays together.

* if you have long hair pin it back before you go out and take it down again when you go indoors. Usually perfectionist 60s girls curl their hair under and pin it so that you get a gentle curl under effect when it’s been in a while instead of a messy line where the hair has been put in a ponytail.

* get a decent hairspray which will hold after a thin layer of spray. If you have to spray half the bottle on your hair you’ve got the wrong hairspray. Choose one with added shine otherwise your hair will end up looking like plastic.

* wear a headscarf! Choose something unbelievably glamorous of course. 😉

Or if you were very lucky, you’d be a stewardess and have one of these things specifically designed by Pucci to keep your fab hairdo neat on the walk from the terminal to the plane:

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