The website is alive, with the sound of new listings….

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I have been very, very lax lately. My apologies! But I have just listed seven new superb pieces over at Vintage-a-Peel. There are more to come, and even some new eBay listings. Because I’m a glutton for punishment! Anyway, I know it’s sweltering out there (in London at any rate) but if you’re going to swelter…at least swelter in a scorching hot Radley dress:

Or perhaps you would like the loose, cool comfort of a Jean Muir jumpsuit?

There’s always the delicious sorbet shaded Frank Usher goddess dress to party in…

Or if you want to feel the cool breeze on your shoulders and through the transparent lace panels onto your waist and cleavage, there’s always this gorgeous satin and crepe Young Innocent dress:

If you’re planning on dancing around to Duran Duran this summer (I know I am) then look no further than this swishy prom dress by Bellville Sassoon:

To break up the black, and show some sass, here’s an incredible dress by Roland Klein with a wrap effect, plunging neck and back and an iconic single pink sleeve:

and lastly, but by no means leastly, unfortunately too tiny for Roxy [isn’t she doing well in her debut Vintage-a-Peel photoshoot?] is this museum quality Thea Porter ensemble of cropped top and tiered skirt. Luxe bohemian at its finest…there are even tiny twinkly gold stars on the floaty chiffon sleeves…

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