The Secret Lives of…..Groupies


Oh how I wish I could see the full showing of this. Perhaps it will end up online anyway? These lovely ladies are the US branch of my favourite groupie girls, The BBAs, and are great exponents of the ‘old style’ groupie culture. They’re adorable, wild, fabulous and they live for the music. I just wish the Brit girls (Miss Senti and Charley) were being filmed for something similar here, but perhaps one day that will happen. And they would definitely be styled by Vintage-a-Peel!

3 thoughts on “The Secret Lives of…..Groupies

  1. I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!! thank-you for posting about my girls. I am envious of all in the US who can wasch the programme. Too damn right we'd be styled by Vintage-a-Peel. In fact I had to mention VaP alongside Westwood in my bio for the new BBA website. Charley prolly will too…and yeah, also hypnotised by the rainbow hair. Miss Dollie ROCKS! Heehee.

  2. …if Charley and myself were to be filmed with a band, it would have to be The Who of course… perhaps they could come and do a Brit version of the show when Charley and I are there backstage in our PJs and fluffy slippers?!(at which point a Duran arrives and we both scream and lock ourselves in Pete's dressing room so he can't get changed for the show… and they have to film you chatting with Durans and PT)

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