Gorgeous customers in gorgeous gear: Part Deux

gorgeous customers

How on earth did I forget to post this photo before now? Especially given that I took it. (I would take a mini bow for that achievement, but I’m a pretty lousy photographer!) In a very sexy Travelodge, after much stressing about clothes and make-up, about half an hour before we got soaked to the skin trying to see Duran Duran in Edinburgh Castle. Ah well, at least we had some record of our fabulous outfits…

Miss Senti in Bellville Sassoon and Charley in Quad. One day, I’m going to take them onto the Yorkshire moors, with a half-decent camera and get them to run around in all the lovely things they’ve bought from me over the years…cos I’m just so damn proud.

6 thoughts on “Gorgeous customers in gorgeous gear: Part Deux

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