More from ‘Boyfriend’, 1969: The Moody Blues

boyfriend annual, eye candy, menswear, the moody blues

I can’t even begin to express how devastatingly sexy this photo is. Not necessarily because of their physical attractiveness (though I should point out that Justin Hayward is looking very pretty there at the back and Mike Pinder looks very manly and yum on the left) but because of how they’re dressed. Fringed shawls! Striped trousers! Gold braiding! Neckerchiefs! Paisley shirts! Moustaches! Men need to dress like this.

Ahhhhhh…..who can resist Nights in White Satin? A bit like The Air That I Breathe from my last post, and indeed A Whiter Shade of Pale (though, sadly, Procol Harum are not in Boyfriend for me to witter on about and show a gorgeous photo…), it always makes me well-up a little bit and go into a strange (but lovely) place very deep inside my psyche.

2 thoughts on “More from ‘Boyfriend’, 1969: The Moody Blues

  1. mmmm Justin Hayward, yum, have you ever seen the clip of them doing ride my seesaw? It's too fab. I just realised I have the same annual, but I'm missing a few pages from mine I think!

  2. so glad to have found this photo – they look absolutely gorgeous! it's like pre-raphaelite psychedeliajustin hayward may have had the best looks, but no one has a sexier voice than mike pinder imho

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