Always ready for Freddie

freddie mercury, glam rock, picture spam, queen, seventies fashion

In many ways, I find Freddie more appealing and fascinating than any other glam rock gods. Bryan may ‘float my boat’ more, Marc might have been inherently prettier and Bowie a bit weirder….but Freddie was just so spectacular, with an element of vulnerability I find hard to resist.

I once happened upon his Kensington home entirely by accident, don’t ask how – it’s very hidden from the main road, and felt a strong sense of connection to him. Seeing that green door [which I remembered from when I was 12, watching news reports about his death] scrawled with messages from fans was genuinely rather lovely and I realised exactly how much the world needs, and misses, Freddie.

I also think he’s wearing my black satin Ossie trousers in this picture. I know it was generally Zandra, but they look very like the Ossie ones….

p.s I would enjoy going into work at the Coli a lot more of this was the vision which faced me every day….

3 thoughts on “Always ready for Freddie

  1. Wow, what stunning style! Actually, thinking about the theatrical selection of clobber in my wardrobe, seems I have a lot in common with the late Mr M. How curiously scary…Fantastic post!

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