Hard to Choo: Another tacky Ossie rip-off

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Wandering around H&M on Boxing Day [Why on earth anyone else goes shopping on Boxing Day is beyond me. I was working two shows that day and had time to kill between them. No casual shopper has any excuse for being anywhere other than under a pile of chocolate wrappers, awesome presents and preferably a big fluffy duvet on Boxing Day. It’s an insult to people who would dearly love to be doing all those things, but can’t. Insanity.] I caught sight of yet another yawn-tastic Ossie rip-off. If you don’t believe me, go in there and see one up-close; it’s a duplicate, right down to the large expanse of flesh in the back, ‘mock’-crepe and wrap cut.

Somehow it managed to annoy me more than many have lately. Perhaps it’s because it’s Jimmy Choo for H&M. It’s bad enough for a dress designer to ‘take inspiration from’ another designer, but when you’re peddling frocks on the name of a shoe designer, then copying Ossie’s luscious ‘Cuddly’ dress is just an audaciously tacky thing to do (not to mention an astonishing breach of creative copyright).

Shame on you H&M. Shame on you Jimmy Choo (or Tamara Mellon or whoever it is behind this shambles). Saying that -elsewhere in store- I did buy a lovely pair of sparkly black lace tights with red flowers printed on them, so I’ve slightly [and grudgingly] forgiven H&M.

[Blogging really will be this sparse and sporadic until all Nuts have been cracked, but I’m still here…just about! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.]

3 thoughts on “Hard to Choo: Another tacky Ossie rip-off

  1. Ugh! I'm sure that decision was made by someone utterly corporate. What does that look even have to do with the Jimmy Choo brand? BTW, been wondering what the real Jimmy Choo is up to now. Must be weird to see your name on everything like this and be totally uninvolved.

  2. …hmmm, maybe Jimmy Choo shold start copying other people's shoes too. Because they just don't do a thing for me.I just don't get why everyone goes nuts over the Choos when they're surrounded in the stores by mouth watering Louboutins and Manolos. Not that I can wear any of them as they're all made of dead things. *sniffle* Have even started drooling over some of the Alaia boots, and they're leather too. Boohiss!In the extreme wasteland of animal fiendly designer shoes I shall continue to take my business to Matalan and New Look. …and pray for further Westwoods to stray into Melissa hands. Currently craving veggie versions of the Bondage Boots and the Roman Boots. I insist the the Roman boots would be yummy in a nice melissa candy scented plastic teamed with red velvet or purple brocade….and OMG, have you seen the McQueen metallic leather ankle bootie things?! To die for. Well, the cow has already died for them, so I can't. *sigh*It must be winter, Senti wants boots instead of heels.

  3. The real Jimmy Choo is still alive and runs the Jimmy Choo Couture bit – he sold most (if not all) his shares in Jimmy Choo retail to Ms Mellon as we know. He is an alumni of London College of Fashion and he now has a project to set up a shoe college in Malaysia where he was born. I think he doesn't care as he's made his fortune although he is a lovely person.H&M is fab it goes through fazes but I really don't like most if not all collaborations they are always poor imitations.

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