Bit of skirt

Eighties Fashion, new romantic, sarah whitworth

Apologies for the lack of posting the last few days; I’ve had Miss Senti and Miss Charley in London for the weekend, which has been very lovely. It also meant I finally got to give my newest Sarah Whitworth piece an outing, albeit a briefer than expected one, which I got from the lovely lady herself. It’s so special, it needed a photo all its own.

I’m cooking up a blog all about her work and my complete adoration of her clothes, so fingers crossed I can get that finished soon. Complete and utter genius….

7 thoughts on “Bit of skirt

  1. a-thank-you :)Daniel, not to be too horrendously defensive about such things but…I actually discovered her for myself when I came across that wedding dress, in the dim and distant past, and then the mini velvet corset dress with silk trim. Admittedly, all I then knew was from going home and finding the VFG write up on her…but I fell in love with the pieces I found in the shops.

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