New listings: Day dresses

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Versus Versace

Boring, functional work-related post alert!!

Just to let you know of three new listings in the daywear department (and to alert you to some others you might have missed the other day). Plenty more to come; I’m hoping to list a Marie France, an original Twiggy labelled dress and a Holly Harp by the end of the week. And more if I possibly can…. Wish me luck!

Unsigned novelty print Forties dress

Green 1970s Mister Ant sun dress

Levison Originals by Mary Farrin

Unsigned 1960s barkcloth mini

Bourgeois boutique of Soho 1970s maxi dress

5 thoughts on “New listings: Day dresses

  1. To correct your blog above . Mary Farrin waa my sister in law. I am married to her brother, David Farrin, who was involved in the business running the sales side Levison originals was a very small company doing hand knit garments in gozo. Employing 8 people in there factory. They were bought out by mary farrin who expanded the factory at its height to over 400 people employed in gozo. Mary rebranded levison to designit as sister company to mary farrin. This definitely sparked conversation in our house

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