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Vogue. September 1970

…is it wrong to secretly be longing for it to be autumn?

Perhaps I bore too easily. More likely, it’s because I can’t bear being too hot. And, also, because I bore easily. I love my summer dresses, and there’s nothing quite like being able to leave the house without a jacket, cardigan and sometimes even sans shawl. But that very human tendency to want what you can’t have means that I start looking longingly at my long-sleeved crepe, velvet and polyester dresses, all taking a well-earned summer holiday. I keep having to bare my legs to the world. I miss tights! I also long to come out the other side of ‘ironing season’. Because I’m extremely pernickety and I insist on ironing all my cotton dresses, so that is rather my own fault. But still…

It also means that, gripped by the blindingly bad mood of a Really Bad Week (last week), I somehow wander into the shops and somehow buy the pair of buckled suede purple platforms I’ve been coveting since they appeared in store in June (when I was, officially, looking for a pretty pair of sandals for my holiday). Somehow I justify this by the fact that I waited three weeks, and that they might disappear by a more appropriate buying time. It’s less ridiculous to buy them in July than in June. I’ve had my summer holiday, ergo I can start thinking about an autumn getaway and the pretty suede shoes I might need for that. Ahem.

On a more practical, businesslike level, it also means I am gripped by confusion on what to list over at Vintage-a-Peel. Summer is pretty much silly season for vintage. No one is around and no one is really buying summer stuff once mid-July hits. At least, that’s always been the received wisdom. But, as a business, I cannot take a school holiday-length break from the world and come back in September with all my velvets and crepes. So I have to keep going.

High Street and designer shops are horribly clever. They know, that you know, that they will ensure that the most covetable pieces are going to sell out before you are ready. And so you pounce, and they can actually make money in hot and stinky August (after they’ve made their money in hot and stinky July when you’re throwing money at their summer sales. Often featuring items which have been in the summer sales for three years running as well).

I still haven’t come to any conclusion about this, in case you were wondering whether I had discovered the answer, I am just musing aloud. But, in case anyone feels the same way, I just wanted to make my confession. I’m really looking forward to the autumn.

Outfit by Bernshaw. Suede hat by Herbert Johnson. Shoes uncredited.

Outfit by Anji. Vest by Mr Freedom. Amazing shoes uncredited.

Outfit by Firstaway. Boots by Granny Takes a Trip. Vest by Mr Freedom.

Outfit by Reldan. Boots by Granny Takes a Trip

Outfit by Polly Peck. Boots by Noddy’s Nipple in The Kensington Market.

[not so crazy about this outfit, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to credit those boots to the delightfully named ‘Noddy’s Nipple’]

Advertisement feature from Vogue for Acrilan fabrics by various manufacturers. Make-up by Max Factor and photos by Barry Lategan.

9 thoughts on “Psssst…..

  1. I need to see these shoes of yours! I am definitely feeling the Autumn vibes. I wish I could get away with one of those big floppy hats, they just make me look ridiculous, because I'm so short!

  2. Not only am I longing for autumn but winter too. I can't wait to wear tights and a coat again! There's nout wrong with buying suede platforms this time of year, I just got some too! and oh yes, those Granny's boots are too fab.

  3. I’m totally with you on this one!Summer & heat waves are all very well if you can spend your time blissfully idle in a picturesque cottage on the Cornish coast but being stuck in the big smoke, summer really does very little for me. To get dressed in the morning is a complete nightmare, cause inevitably you either put on too much & end up feeling so hot that you wish you could shed your skin never mind your clothes or you overestimate the good old British summer by wearing too little & have to spend the day looking like a freshly plucked goose.I also don’t feel entirely happy with baring my legs to the world & when I did the other week my boss went on & on about it… “OMG, I didn’t know you had legs” “You should show your legs off more often”…comments that made for an ultra rapid return of the leggings & tights believe me!Autumn is definitely my favourite time of the year & it’s the season I look forward to with most anticipation…only today I window-shopped on eBay for the perfect (in my opinion) autumn outfit.So I’m with you my dear…I’ll be very happy when autumn comes along & I won’t have to see another pair of grotty feet in flip-flops on the tube until next summer 🙂 I love all the pics, so inspiring & romantic!…xXx

  4. I was only thinking the same myself the other day. What I need is perfect al year round wardrobe and readies to buy it!!I'm going to be wearing suede ankle boots this evening I don't care.

  5. About a week ago I found myself, having just bought a gorgeous new 50s dress in a lightweight purple wool, wishing it was autumn!I love summer, but I really want to wear black stockings and my pretty winter dresses!

  6. Phewwwwww. So glad to know I'm not alone! Thank you everyone for your brilliant comments!!Winnie – I was going to post a picture, and then I thought I ought to save that until I actually wear them!!! I doubt I'll be able to resist wearing them before Autumn so I'm sure it'll be soon!CalamityJem – Oh yes, I had forgotten the most horrific aspect of summer is other people's flesh on show. It's bad enough dealing with my own but being wedged up against hot and bothered half naked people on the tube is just miserable. I'm basically planning trips around town exclusively with buses…Smashingbird – I wantwantwant both pairs of granny boots. Those flower print ones are especially amazing!I think there's some unmentioned tipping point, around late July, when us stylish ladies are in need of a change of season. I just smile to myself when I hear people moaning about the weather cooling down.

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