Soul Soothers

lemon pipers, noosha fox, prince, psychedelia, roxy music, svensk, the who
I have been soothing my soul with music this week. Brutally flicking past nearly everything on my player except for a few, err, exceptions.

Roxy Music – Out of the Blue (and pretty much the whole of Country Life. Love times a bazillion).

Svensk – Dream Magazine (from brilliant psychedelic compilation album Piccadilly Sunshine)

Prince – Girls and Boys (And pretty much the whole of Parade right now. I particularly love the line “She had the cutest ass he’d ever seen, he did too they were meant to be”.)

The Lemon Pipers – Green Tambourine (Perfect pop. Makes you happy without making you want to vomit)

The Who – My Wife (and most of Who’s Next. This one in particular always seems to make me laugh.)

Fox – He’s Got Magic (I very rarely skip past Fox songs. The lyrics are brilliant, baffling and beautiful, which is possibly partly to do with Noosha’s style of singing. Love.)

2 thoughts on “Soul Soothers

  1. A great fistful of tunes, we recorded our 11th podcast last night(the theme being sound-a-likes), and Roxy came up a couple of times for providing the influence , inspiration and career template for other bands

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