Diana Rigg and Philip Saville

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It’s approaching February the 14th. So naturally I am reading articles about Diana Rigg and Philip Saville’s decidedly unconventional relationship and wondering how to mark Monday without “letting down” my grumpy single self from a couple of years back. Like any modern girl, but possibly not really, I can’t decide whether I’m a hopeless romantic or a hopeful cynic. But it’s definitely nice to live in a world and an era in which you can choose for yourself…

There was very little in the British press about their relationship, but the German magazines appear to have loved writing about them! Not sure where these photos actually come from (possibly the article I’m linking to up there?) they were languishing in a ‘to do’ folder from my days as a webmistress. Sorry!

5 thoughts on “Diana Rigg and Philip Saville

  1. Diana and Philip were so cute together when they were couple back in the 60s. Thanks for posting this little site about them and with the pictures as well. You can till the photos were taken at Diana's apartment she had in London. I remember seeing the background in other photos of her and her poodle named Poodie together. So cute. 😀

  2. Ha. I was being confusingly coy about it, wasn't I?I have a boyfriend now. But for years (even when I was in relationships) I had awful Valentine experiences. And when I was single, I was particularly grumpy and rancid about it all.So I don't want to be one of those people who turns around and forgets how hideous it can be when you're not with someone and how ridiculous the whole thing is when you think about it… I have known too many women who've done that!Ramble ramble.And, *blush*, thank you. You ARE stunning!!

  3. The short-lived magazine ‘London LIfe’ threw an ad sales party atop the GPO Tower and published photos of the event in the 21 May 1966 issue, including Philip and Diana together: other droppable names present included Ossie Clark, Hockney, Blake, Bailey, Donovan, Jagger and Chrissie Shrimpton. The only other time I’ve come across this couple was in conversation with the late photographer John TImbers, who had them over for some social event. John’s wife had expected Jane Arden, but here was Miss Rigg. ‘Are you friends?’ Mrs Timbers asked. Diana replied ‘No. We just ****.’

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