New listings before I go!

biba, david silverman, frederick starke, gunne sax, harold ingram, honor blackman, jean varon, john bates, the avengers, website listings

So, perhaps this is bad timing because I can’t get anything posted out before I leave on my little trip…unless I lugged everything down to Brighton tonight. But I set myself last night as a deadline to get eight new listings up and running over at Vintage-a-Peel, and even if it took til the mornin’, I was going to bloody well manage it. Even in the face of technological adversity! So I leave you with eight beautiful pieces. Apologies that I can’t send them til next week, but remember it’s first come, first served so if you’ve fallen in love, let me know and I can reserve (or you can buy and rest assured you’ll get your package ASAP!).

There’s Biba, John Bates for Jean Varon, Frederick Starke (another designer who ended up dressing an Avenger lady, this time Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale), Harold Ingram, Jessica’s Gunnies (aka Gunne Sax), David Silverman, Ann Green and a beautiful keyhole Donerica cotton maxi. Phewwwwww…..see you all on the other side!

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