Goodies Galore

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No, no, no! Not those Goodies, these goodies….

Rare pink felt hat by Lee Bender for Bus Stop

Have you ever had that feeling, that tight feeling in your chest when you think about all the various things you are required to do in a short space of time. It paralyses you, and makes the situation ten times worse. I suffer from this unnamed syndrome. Sometimes it causes me to be a bit behind in updating my website. I would hate for anyone to think that I’m lazy or too busy living some incredible jet-setting lifestyle. I mean, I would like to be doing the latter, who wouldn’t? But the truth is more boring than that.

Anyway, this week has somehow generated a flurry of website listings, and I thought I ought to share them with you. They include: a very, very rare piece of Bus Stop history in the form of a bright pink felt hat, an incredible Annacat prised from my personal collection in an attempt to regain control of my living space (this ambition is perpetually unfulfilled), an adorable printed cotton Horrockses dress, one of the most fabulous John Bates dresses I’ve seen and a super sexy emerald green lurex halter top by Mary Quant. But that’s just the big guns. There’s plenty of other pieces to tempt your tastebuds (I hope).

early Sixties Wallis Shops waffle-textured cotton sheath dress

early Seventies printed cotton Vivien Smith tea dress

early Seventies emerald green lurex halter top by Mary Quant

early Seventies fitted jacket in an incredible bold floral print

mid Sixties hot pink and gold shot matelasse shift dress

late Fifties floral and stripe printed cotton sundress by Horrockses

early Seventies maxi dress with unusual cross-stitch print bodice by John Bates for Jean Varon

Late Sixties psychedelic maxi dress by Annacat

early Seventies lime green high-waisted flares by Simon Massey

5 thoughts on “Goodies Galore

  1. Hello, ah I love The Goodies & vintage goodies in general 🙂 I also know what you mean when you say that tight panicky feeling which prevents you from blogging, it's not nice & I think alot of people get. Hope you have a nice weekend 🙂

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