Wet Stuff

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No, no mild sauce prefix (arf arf!). It’s been rather damp in dear old Blighty lately, which has actually done the unthinkable/unbearable and forced me into actual shops where you buy actual new clothes (I needed some kind of trench-y raincoat thing and was starting to think I would have to wait forever to find the perfect vintage one I wanted) and obnoxious people push you away from the full-length mirrors and waft a disdainful hand at you (I kid ye not, my expression was pretty much the same as the photo immediately below…). Anyway, I’ve been meaning to scan this frankly awesome shoot from Honey magazine for simply ages. And given the current climate, it finally seemed very appropriate. 
Photos by Monty Coles. Honey magazine, February 1974

It’s a striking shoot. Rather modern-feeling (which just goes to prove that modern is rarely as modern as it seems…) and really affecting. Not emotionally, but physically. I can almost feel the models’ pain…

6 thoughts on “Wet Stuff

  1. WOW! How rude. Waving you from a mirror- staff or customers??A guy in H&M (working there) knocked some bangles down on the floor, he didn't realise and thought it was me and gave me a stare, pointed at them said 'Pick them up!'. Honestly, it was bizarre: everyone, being British, didn't know where to look. A teenage girl offered to help me!I returned the stare and said, 'I didn't knock them down: when you were loading those necklaces on the rack, you did not check the rear of the display was loaded- it loosened the hook' and pointed. I don't think he expected that. He probably thought he was standing up against the hordes who trash H&M Bond St daily. Shame he chose something that was his fault because he probs had a valid point. In a way he's lucky because I think some people would have just effed and jeffed at him (very rude- but a real risk).

  2. I'm learning a lot about '70s fashion through your blog! I would have guessed those photos to be from around 1978-81 but 1974??? The more I see what '70s fashions were NOT like, the more trouble I have making sense of the decade! I guess the "Seventies" truly began after Glam Rock "died" in 1974, but the street clothes of that period were totally unlike what the magazines were pushing. I knew that nostlagia was a powerful factor in the trends, but all I seem to remember from that time was denim, pantsuits, head scarves, and polyester. Admittedly, I was [i]Born[/i] in 1971, so my childhood frame of reference was quite limited, but I wonder how off the mark the style mags were in terms of what people actual wore! I'm not talking runway fashion, but rather the stuff that [i]Vogue[/i] and the like were showing. I guess there's no easy explanation. Sorry for rambling on like this…

  3. Montcler have started re-making these sort of things. I've just bought myself a see through turquoise raincoat from them via Brand Alley because of this awful weather. I wanted 60s look but with modern comfort as I'm fed up of wandering round feeling like I'm wearing an oversized crisp packet (you've encounted my collection of pvc coats so you know what I mean about the rustly crisp packetness). It's like the Dadadie Brucke ones but without the painful price. I know Dadadie are admired in the mod world (well, if you're a 90s mod like I am) but if I wanted to pay their prices I'd expect a real piece of Foale & Tuffin, not a modern rip off. I always used to argue that, but the mod scene is a weird one and some of them get snobby about "old" clothes of all things. Might turn up to a club in my new Montcler and see how it goes down. 😉

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