Hot and Cold, Wet and Dry

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The Chelsea Cobbler 1970s embroidered wedges

Ahhhh. British Summertime. For those of you NOT currently experiencing one of the most spectacularly soggy summers this land has seen in recent years, have pity on us. It is quite unsettling to be reaching for your autumn coat in almost-mid-July. It’s also unsettling to have received an adorable gingham umbrella from your mum as a birthday present and to have been using it almost constantly since then. I’m a July baby, it’s not meant to be this way!!!!!

It’s also hard to get oneself into the listing groove when your head is saying ‘summer dresses’ ‘light cottons’ etc, but you take one look out of the window at the river your street has become and think ‘err, actually, maybe not….’.

So here is my ever-so-British mixed bag of new listings. I do hope you enjoy!

Ossie Clark 1970s moss crepe and satin dress

John Bates for Jean Varon ‘Venice’ dress c. 1966-67

Early Laura Ashley art nouveau print maxi dress

Lee Bender for Bus Stop dress w/ keyhole feature

Polly Peck by Sybil Zelker 1970s medieval influenced dress

Fifties-influenced Chelsea Girl cotton stripe blouse

4 thoughts on “Hot and Cold, Wet and Dry

  1. It’s absolutely miserable here isn’t it? I don’t know what to wear anymore and am flummoxed at my need to pull autumn and winter clothes out of storage! I like your mix of dresses that you’ve just listed 🙂

  2. The Laura Ashley and Polly Peck dresses are divine! So sorry about the weather there — but here in Boston it is hot and sticky — not good for wearing anything you don’t want to be instantaneously soaked with sweat.

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