Far From the Madding Crowd

1970s, Ann Reeves, biba, british boutique movement, bus stop, Inspirational Images, irvine sellars, jeff banks, John Carter, lee bender, miss selfridge, mr freedom, peter robinson, petticoat magazine, topshop

Left to right: Dress, Jeff Banks, £9.90, P.R’s Top Shop. Dress, Ann Reeves, £9.25, Miss Selfridge,

Soft country girl dresses falling just below the knee in dark flowery prints ready for autumn, great for now. Looking sweet and old-fashioned with padded shoulders, sweetheart necklines or rever collars and cuffs – and all they really need is you and some romantic thoughts!

Very David Hamilton/Sarah Moon influenced shoot by John Carter. Scanned from Petticoat, July 1973.

Left to right: Beige dress, Jeff Banks, £9.90, Lady Tramp SW3. Mr Freedom hat, £2.50. Cream dress, Bus Stop, £9.95.

Left to right: Floral dress, Jeff Banks, £15.90, Irvine Sellars, sizal hat £2.50 from Biba. Black print dress, Ann Reeves, £9, Miss Selfridge.


2 thoughts on “Far From the Madding Crowd

  1. A weak shoot – Some decent Art Direction / storyboarding would have lifted the whole concept, prevented the same basic pose being replicated, and perhaps actually demonstrated what the clothes looked like !
    As an example of ‘How NOT to do a fashion shot’, it as merit, and is indicative of the ‘self indulgence’ of photography at the time – excessive use of soft filters, and a reliance on referencing ‘The Impressionists’

    1. I agree that it’s not one of the finest, but I disagree that this style of photography is self-indulgent or failing in its task. There are a million and one other photoshoots in this, and similar, magazines – people didn’t really need to see the clothes in supersharp focus. It’s more about creating a mood or a different context for them. Also, I think they were deliberately trying to move away from the stiff, white background, perfect focus, photography of the likes of Bailey and Donovan. Anything which becomes a dominant style will eventually feel tired and creative people (like James Wedge or Sarah Moon) will seek to do something different.

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