Time traveller. 20th century fashion specialist. Doodler and stitcher.

Born in London, now based in Brighton, I studied Costume Design at The Arts University in Bournemouth and have been a self-employed specialist dealer, collector and historian since 2003.

Always inspired by the weirder, sometimes seedier, aspects of popular culture, as well as art and history, I absorb myself in contemporary films, magazines, and music (so, pretty much anything I can get my hands on!) and seek beauty and inspiration wherever I possibly can.

I’m proud to be a fashion nerd. I roll my eyes when people say Mary Quant invented the mini skirt. I can spot an unlabelled Ossie Clark from twenty paces. I go to pieces when I meet designers nobody else recognises. I get giddy when I see clothes I recognise in old films and magazines. But I also love to share information, share the pleasure all these things bring me. It may not pay the bills, but it does bring me a lot of pleasure and inspiration which feeds into everything I do.

My magazine collection includes Vogue, Queen, 19, Nova, Honey, Petticoat, Vanity Fair and Harpers Bazaar, plus a few little saucy extras. Ephemera from my private collection was used in Richard Lester’s book Boutique London (ACC). Magazines from my collection were exhibited in Tate Liverpool‘s Glam! The Performance of Style exhibition (2013), which toured to Germany and Austria, and have also been used as source images for the V&A‘s The Biba Years: 1963-1975 by Barbara Hulanicki and Martin Pel, and for Richard Lester’s Dress of the Year (ACC). They were most recently exhibited at The Fashion and Textile Museum‘s acclaimed Thea Porter exhibition (2015).

My passion for all things Sixties and Seventies means that I tend to specialize in this era, and more specifically British Boutique fashion. There’s nothing quite like owning your own little slice of history, and being a guardian for a modest collection of fabric artwork. Vintage designer labels I sell and wear include, but are not limited to, Ossie Clark, Biba, Annacat, Alice Pollock, Foale and Tuffin, Bill Gibb, Thea Porter, Miss Mouse, Bus Stop and Catherine Buckley.

Garments from my private collection have been exhibited at The V&A (Sixties Fashion Exhibition, 2006-07), The Fashion Museum in Bath (John Bates: Fashion Designer, 2006), The Lightbox in Woking (Snap Crackle & Pop, 2011) and The Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey (Foale and Tuffin, 2009-10; Thea Porter, 2015). Some pieces are also featured in Nicky Albrechtsen’s book Vintage Fashion Complete (Thames and Hudson). As I have recently started selling more pieces from my private collection, you will find exhibited and often documented pieces for sale in my Etsy shop.

In addition to my blog and Instagram feed, I contributed to Shrimpton Couture’s superb Curate project. In September 2016, I presented the paper ‘A Peek at the Boutique’ at the UEA Symposium ‘Still Swinging: 1960s British cinema and popular culture in the 21st century’.

Now under the banner of my own website, http://www.lizeggleston.com, my blog will continue in much the same vein as it always has. Fear not! I still have shelves full of magazines yet to be scanned and films yet to be screengrabbed. I seek and take no remuneration for it, it’s just an interesting ongoing project for me, but I welcome people to take a look at my Etsy shop and to contact me if they wish to commission me, either as a writer or illustrator for any projects which might suit my style.

You can email me at lizegglestonandco@gmail.com or send me a message through Instagram.

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  1. Hey ms Peelpants. I have been aware of your work for sometime. I show it to young fashion students because you get this thing right. I grew up in a small provincial town while the 60s swung somewhere else. Diana Rigg & Julie Driscoll, unfortunately, never walked down my street.
    In the 70s I was married to a woman who’s idea of heaven was a day at Kensington Market & Biba. I really do not like my past being thrown back at me out of context or just plain wrongly. I read your stuff & always think that you are bang on it.
    I’ve got my own blog now, mostly music & memories. I hope I can keep it as relevant, without the flim flam, as yours. I’ve pressed follow & look forward to receiving your posts hot off the press.
    Peace Mal.

    1. Thank you so much Mal! Such a well-considered comment which has really cheered my heart. I love what I do so much, so it’s wonderful when somebody else ‘gets’ it. I’m also glad to hear that I’m getting the tone right.

      I’m now following you back and hope you continue to enjoy my posts!

  2. I have a blouse by Ossie it’s in bad shape, it’s fragile and has issues. Do you have any ideas on how I could preserve it? I swear I saw it in a Hockney painting but I could be delusional in thinking it was a rather well known blouse. Chiffon windowpane Celia B print. Anything you know I’d so appreciate a reply.

  3. Arrived here looking for Cherry Twiss and found Jean Shrimpton at Rose Hill Farm (my home turf). Fab site. I’m currently indexing a vast hoard of mainly 1960s mags and picking up the sort of references I imagine you would. This will eventually see the light of day as The Tower Library, which will be open to researchers. Complete Nova, and from the 1960s, near-complete runs of all three supps, Vogue, Harpers, Vanity Fair, Queen and London Life. Quite a few Towns too. Now if you’ll excuse me, I will return to ‘Is Paris Dead?’, Tel mag 3 Sep 1965 (Cherry; photos by William Klein). (Answer: no!)

  4. You have a great thing going on here! I love your inspirations. They are sublime. Every one of them puts a smile to my face. There’s a lot of vintage blogs out there, but this is really something special.Keep up the great work!



  5. I was searching for info. on 60s Dollyrocker dresses and Cathy Mcgowan stuff and came across your website – I am over the moon – it`s all here everything.. will take months to get through the pages but what joy.thanks so much. and thank god we have the web……..

  6. found you by accident.love all your references,i read honey 19.etc grew up in seventies londonshopped in peter robinson oxford circus, biba and van der fransen(little shop new kings rd.}then worked for Antony Price in 70s great time..but all last century ….you could have an idea and make something happen…..wish i kept my miss mouse tops and jeff banks gear.and bell bottoms and tank tops ha ha i will keep reading your site thanks

  7. Yes, I too shopped at Early Bird, Van der Fransen (I have been looking for one of their amazing tops and never see them). I have a few Early Bird , Janice Wainwright and Wendy Dagworthy dresses and wonderful black velvet trouser suit size 8 that my daughter now wears,
    I did not keep my Ossie Clark multi coloured crepe dress, I have not seen one like it and was photographed in a black cordorouy dress with cream lace collar by Mary Quant in Honey magazine. Wonderful days walking down Kings Road, great clothes and amazing music.

  8. Dear miss Peel pants, I’m a fan , you are a fan. I love your choices, magazine-wise. I’ve just had an hours’ fix of your pics I love them all, I notice a few more ads; they add to the mix that we remember. You have a much better archive of Van Der Fransen than we do. A cover I look out for is 19 I think , the model wearing a sundress with wide cross over back straps which are fixed at the front with 2 large grey leaf buttons. The straps and “chest piece” is in yellow satin. Definately 1970’s, prob 1971 or 2……… have you ever seen it? Mimi

  9. Hi – great site. I am trying to find out more about Gala Mitchell and wondered if you had an overview? I’m writing a bio of someone she knew in the early 60s thanks S.

  10. I organized to have a plaque installed at Mary Quant’s original boutique, BAZAAR, at 138a King’s Rd Chelsea. It took about 19 months but was eventually unveiled Sept 2019. It was the same time the V&A were having their MQ exhibition. V&A people attended the unveiling, including the director, Tristram Hunt. Regs, MQ’s son, Orlando, did the unveiling for his mother. Keith Howard (kwh101 at hotmail.com)
    PIX on my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XdK5cPGl5lpawe55Ar6r7X9ay_aqGhbp?usp=sharing

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