Dhani look like his Daddy?

dhani harrison, george harrison, Pattie Boyd, The Beatles
Apologies for the very poor pun in the title, I couldn’t help myself.

Is it wrong to worship Dhani Harrison as some kind of reincarnation of his beautiful father? I’ve always resisted before now, because it seemed very, very wrong.

Well, if it was wrong before I don’t suppose it can be wrong now he’s gone and let himself be photographed AS his beautiful father. Although the supermodel he’s posing with can’t hold a matchstick, let alone a candle, to the magnificent Pattie Boyd. She looks like a prize prat for even trying. But Dhani…..*sigh*….just look at him, let the beauty wash over you and pray that they get around to cloning all the Beatles for every generation.

6 thoughts on “Dhani look like his Daddy?

  1. Well, yes, indeed! I’m glad mine is forgiveable, although not really ‘fashion spread title’ material. Which is, I suppose, why I’m a vintage clothes dealer with an occasional blog and that person is probably paid a lot of money to come up with lousy but acceptable-in-the-fashion-world puns like that one. 😉

  2. When I opened the magazine and saw this at first I actually thought it was an old photo shoot with George. It was beautifully done, and really made me miss George all the more. Lizzie

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