Voting and Edwardian Hair….


I’m not one to plead for votes, but I’m chuffed to have even been nominated for the LuLu’s Vintage Blog People’s Choice Award again. You don’t have to vote for me if you don’t want to. It’s not like the Suffragettes did what they did so that we ladies could vote for vintage websites, but if you feel like voting for me, I’d be ever so delighted…. 😉

Speaking of Edwardian ladies, I find I’m rather obsessed with puffed and padded hair today after seeing A Doll’s House last night (highly recommended if you’re in town, and it has the delicious Toby Stephens and Christopher Eccleston in it, as well as Gillian Anderson being generally fabulous and padded in the hair department). Sadly, it is unavoidable for me to sit and stare at costumes and hair when I go to the theatre. Sometimes in squirmy fury if they’ve got it hideously wrong. Thankfully last night was superb in both departments.

Not sure it would suit me, but it would be entertaining to try and achieve. Images pilfered from flickr.

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