Happy Birthday Naughty Beatle

ringo starr, The Beatles

69 years young today. Although once upon a time he was my favourite Beatle (way back in my early teens when I first saw A Hard Day’s Night and Help!), Ringo is rather annoying these days. But he was a Beatle, he was really rather delicious and loveable, was married to the superfab Maureen, gave us the rather dishy Mr Zak Starkey, and appeared in lots of kitschy ’60s and ’70s films. Oh, and directed Born To Boogie. So there’s a lot to salute, I just wish he’d remember where he came from and be a bit more gracious.

But ’til then, Happy Birthday Naughty Beatle and fellow Cancerian!

Oh, and if you’ll turn to 4.46 in this YouTube video, you can have a good look at his very nice arse.

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