Vote! Vote! Channeling Mrs Pankhurst…

Ms Peelpants' rants

And possibly a little bit of Margo Leadbetter as well.

Today was the earliest I’ve ever voted in an election. I had a Doctor’s appointment at 9, and I went round to the polling station straight afterwards. Partly in a slightly grumpy, jaded ‘got to get it out of the way’ kind of way. But also, partly, as a protest against the onslaught I knew would happen as soon as I logged onto facebook, twitter etc etc.

I appreciate that politicians and aspiring politicians want to tell you to vote for them. It’s annoying, but it’s part of the job. What really, REALLY gets my goat is that the modern media enables the masses to spread brief, highly biased and ignorant messages about why you should vote for ANYONE but so-and-so.

I’m sorry?

It’s my vote, I’ll do what I want with it, thank you very much. Tell me why I should vote for someone, and I’ll listen to you. But tell me that I should, under no circumstances, vote Conservative? That’s akin to bullying. Imagine if there were people stood outside polling stations yelling ‘don’t you dare vote Conservative – anyone but them!!’. I’m fairly sure that would be considered illegal, non?

I have no intention of voting Conservative. But I reserve the right to do so if I wish, and not be screeched at by people online. And besides, if you’re telling me to vote for ANYONE but the Tories, does that mean I should go in and tick the box marked BNP? Or UKIP? I loathe them, but I respect their right to exist. We live in a free country, it’s a free vote and I will do as I please.

I voted knowing full well that it wouldn’t make the blindest bit of difference, considering the area in which I reside. But we should be determined to do it, even in that kind of situation. It is sobering to think that, less than 100 years ago, we women would not have had the right to do so.

Thank you very much, Jerry!

4 thoughts on “Vote! Vote! Channeling Mrs Pankhurst…

  1. Balls to voting at all. Up theirs! That's what I say.Instead, as a retreat from all this political hoo haa the country is currently cocka-hoop with, I thought you might like to look at a bit of vintage 60's home

  2. Well said, I really really hate all the blah about how awful the other guy is, time to pull your own socks up and then i might (maybe perhaps) listen to you.

  3. Its not a pretty spectacle, but then it never is. I find the whole process (and the partisan media coverage) deeply depressing. Thanks for the reminder that about 50% of the population were barred from voting until relatively recently. It shouldn't be taken for granted.

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