Lover of the cover

album covers, the sweet, twiggy

When I was hunting for decent sized images of The Sweet for my last blog (fiendishly difficult, I might add), I stumbled across darklorddisco‘s flickr account and, more specifically, his 45 picture sleeves album.

I have gone through brief LP-hunting phases in the past. But lack of space has often restrained me from buying (though I love to look and still bitterly regret not picking up a Twiggy album from a charity shop in Streatham) and I’ve even re-donated in moments of madness (or clarity, however you want to look at it). I’ve started buying a few more lately because, well, my groupie ladies and my boyfriend are a very bad influence on me.

Whilst I’m trying to be ‘good’ and stick to people I know I love, there is something quite irresistable about really, really bad covers by people you don’t know. And by bad, I mean good. And by good I mean, they’re pretty bad. And so on.

Novelty has its limits, usually available storage space, so it’s a delight to come across someone else’s collection. Which saves you time, space and money. And scanning effort. I hope darklorddisco doesn’t mind my posting a few of my favourite examples. I’m VERY fascinated by those Risqué ladies indeed….

2 thoughts on “Lover of the cover

  1. I love old album covers! One day I'd like to cover an entire wall with the sleeves from our vinyl collection.How awesome are those yellow platforms? I could kill to have those on my shoe rack!Vixxxx

  2. That wall idea sounds mighty fine, you should definitely do it if you can!I know, I know….those platforms are pretty amazing. I keep looking at them and getting all wistful….

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