La Peau Douce

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A wonderful Valentine’s Day trip to the NFT to see François Truffaut’s La Peau Douce has really done nothing constructive to abate my current hair dissatisfaction. I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it many times more, I want Françoise Dorléac’s hair. I know she must have had assistance from clever stylists and plenty of extra hair added, it’s a continuity nightmare, but still. I want.

A brilliant film, highly recommended. It’s on until the 17th February and is also available on DVD.

5 thoughts on “La Peau Douce

  1. Yes utterly enviable hair. My hairdresser says he is learning some Vidal Sassoon cuts, maybe I'll try one, unfortunately my hair is very fine, so it won't be as dramatic as the originals.

  2. No extra hair, it's just heavily styled and heavily cared for.Wash every third day to fifth day, no more often than that. *Cold* rinse after every wash with soft water (none of this harsh southern out of the tap rubbish, you'll have to use bottled). Regular cuts (every month) coupled with a conditioning treatment every other month.Salon standard blow dry after every wash using appropriate products, then dry set on large rollers. "re-set" at every available moment by chucking large rollers in whenever you're not on view.When my hair was similar to this I'd dry set in a morning as soon as I got up and leave in til just before I left the house. Again when I walked in the door until I left the house to go out for the evening. Then I would style my hair before sleep, sleeping with rollers in.You also need a gentle yet firm hairspray and a gloss spray, both applied before going out.Yopu *cannot* touch your hair. You *cannot* get your hair wet. You must wear a hat or headscarf at all times when outside to prevent wind damage. …and if anyone elkse touches your hair you issue them a death glare and a slap.It's totally do-able. I did it for a couple of years. And on *rare* occasions when I left the house un-styled everyone was severely freaked out. And I'd get asked for ID in my local that I'd be going to for years.Not for the faint hearted. And if the weather or life ruins it you look stupid rather than a tad dishevelled because it's dinted your pristine boufant.

  3. Miss Peelpants, YOUR hair is lovely. I know, I have seen it. So lush and long and healthy and well behaved. All you need to do is roller it to get the same style (I say 'all' like it is easy, really I have no idea but loads of vintage girls seem to manage it so I'm sure you could too) x

  4. She does have great hair. You don't need to worry, you're gorgeous!I have this odd theory – I have been using heated rollers for years (I'm sure your hair would look more like hers with them). I used to have some modern ones and recently bought an unused set of Seventies Carmen rollers on Ebay that someone had knocking around in their loft. For some mad reason every time I use them my hair goes totally Seventies! Bonkers I know but all my friends are commenting too!Thanks for your comment – I'm sure you have tons in your wardrobe that I would go mad for xx

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