Computer agonies…

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Well it’s been one VERY unhappy April Fool’s Day for Miss Peelpants. My computer has been struck down with this very nasty Windows Repair virus (please, PLEASE be careful…) and, as far as I can tell, is completely screwed right about now. I’m mainly concerned about all my files, of course, since the actual computer is rather doddery and wheezy these days and could do with replacement, but still. It’s the last thing I need and being up until 5am trying to deal with it has not left me in any kind of mood or fit state to go to Mrs Jones’s party tonight, which I’m more than a bit annoyed about.

I need to get my head together and reorganise finances a bit, see if how I can manage a new pooter, and I was due to be away on a buying trip next week anyway, so I’m going to just concentrate on that for now. I might still be able to blog and upload to the website, but it’s entirely dependent on the kindness of others and my overall mood, which is (unsurprisingly) pretty lousy right now. So, to paraphrase David Soul, don’t give up on me baby.

Le Sigh

7 thoughts on “Computer agonies…

  1. I've gotten that a few times. Put your computer in safe mode and use system restore to restore it back to an earlier date/time when you didn't have the virus.

  2. Thank you everyone. Christine, thank you for the advice – that was the first thing I tried but the virus is a really bugger and even that won't work. I still can't access my programs or files. It really needs a professional to look at it, but I'm thinking it's a good excuse to look for a replacement as well.Why oh why aren't things built to last these days?

  3. Dear Liz, computers are so annoying. I'm lost without mine. Why don't you look into getting a Mac on interest free credit? You won't ever get a virus again.Sorry you missed the party but we'll have another in the summer.I'm very behind on commenting. I have to run to the bank now so will catch up later xxPS. change your comments to "pop up" It's much easier than this new page thing

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