Why I’ve been quiet…

brighton, Studio

Frocks! New rail! Excitement!

Or perhaps you’ve not noticed? Either way, my life has been a little busier lately (and a lot more complicated) because I have just taken on a studio/office space in Brighton. As you can tell, I haven’t yet decided which definition is more appropriate so it remains interchangeable. The plan is that I will move down to Hove properly in due course, but in the meantime – wouldn’t you know it? The perfect space made itself known and, though the timing wasn’t perfect, sometimes you just have to take things as they come to you.

We walked in, saw the amazing bay window and fireplace and bam! Knew instantly it was right.

I’m a sucker for a bay window…

It has been my dream for the past eight years to have a private workspace, separate from my home life and with a lockable door (while working from home has definite advantages, the constant need to clear everything away – or else have it in my face 24/7, gets rather tiresome in the long term) and this is the first time in my life I have been able to achieve it.

It is proving to be a slow process, the whole settling-in thing, made harder by the fact that I still have to spend a few days a week working in London, but it is nice to be able to sit and work in peace. And for Roxy to finally have a permanent home where people don’t take fright or make daft comments about her. Poor love.


The plan is also, eventually, for people to be able to come and visit and try things on in person. It is a frequent request, understandably, but I have always been uncomfortable with inviting customers into my all-too-messy home. So you will be able to book a time to come and visit, have a cup of tea and some non-twee cakes or biscuits, and try before you buy. Hurrah! It is still early days, but if you can allow for spartan surroundings (and are in the area) then you’re welcome to come and visit me…

I am also a sucker for a fireplace… Artistic hand placement (and photo) courtesy of Mr Brownwindsor.

13 thoughts on “Why I’ve been quiet…

  1. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR NEW “HOME FROM HOME” ! Regards Baz(Brighton is my home town….looks like the Hove end you are in….Might pop in sometime,even guys love that seventies girly vibe !! ) xx

    1. Thank you! It is still in an embryonic Seventies-girly-vibe stage at the moment, but I’ll get there soon enough. Perhaps I can finally get that peacock chair I’ve always wanted…

  2. Looks like a good space, I was in Brighton/Hove 2 weeks ago to visit family and friends, and it is so vibrant (though I’m not sad I don’t live there any more). I keep reminding myself how awful it is when its wet and windy:) but then where isn’t?

    1. Thank you. I’ve already cursed the wet and wind several times, but I used to live in Bournemouth so I’m moderately used to it. Takes a bit of adjusting! You’re always welcome to come and shelter in with the pretty dresses when you’re around. πŸ˜‰

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