Still not really back…


But I’m getting there slowly. Thank you, and I mean this so much, for your wonderful support after my last post. It has, beyond my own expectations, made everything so much easier to have shared my dad’s story a little and to have had such kind words and thoughts from everyone. I think my dad would have been both incredibly embarrassed and also secretly very, very happy and moved to read them all.

I’m planning to start blogging again soon when I’m back in the studio, and of course to start back on Vintage-a-Peel with avengeance. I have already posted one item which was in the pipeline before everything happened, and there will be more to follow soon – albeit erratically I imagine. Please do join the facebook group (or follow me on twitter) to ensure that you are kept up-to-date with new listings as and when they do appear.

While I’m here: if you are not aware of the changes afoot over at Google Reader (i.e it will be no more as of July – what idiocy!), then please remember to find a suitable new feed reader so you don’t miss anything with this blog or, in fact, any other fantastic ones to which I link. I am available for following over on Bloglovin’, and I’ve noticed a fair few people have already done this so THANK YOU to you lovely people. You can also follow me directly on wordpress if you have an account, or as an email subscription I believe. Otherwise, you can just bookmark me in your browser or keep up-to-date via facebook and twitter.

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