There’s something about those Eighties bassists…

bassists, david sylvian, Duran Duran, Eighties Fashion, japan, John Taylor, martin kemp, mick karn, spandau ballet, synth

Okay, maybe I can only summon three to mind whilst writing this [will add more if I can think of them] but still…they do seem to be ageing rather well, don’t they? Recent concert photos of Mr Martin Kemp got me thinking about how dishy he and Mr Nigel Taylor still are – and then I remembered that Mick Karn isn’t doing too badly either. I’m more of a Sylvian kinda girl, but Karn comes a close second with interesting hair and make-up….

4 thoughts on “There’s something about those Eighties bassists…

  1. Oh, I love when you do posts with anything related to Duran Duran. They were my absolute favorite band when I was a kid. I remember also that my friends and I used to pick out their favorites…funny thing; nobody ever wanted Andy:( lol

  2. Mr Kemp is indeed dishy and fabulous… but can we reaalllly count him as a true "bassist" in comparison. We shall have to ask Charley's opinion on this.Hope the Gala Bingo references today didn't freak you out too much. The presance of Durans nearby should have softened it a bit.

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