Mensday: Immense sadness

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I did have another Mensday post lined up, but I have decided to postpone that until next week. I’m genuinely quite upset to hear that the great Mick Karn has passed away. I’ve only become a [huge] Japan fan in recent years, and I’m sure a lot of people don’t know them at all, but Mick’s talent transcends all this.

With love and thanks for everything your music has meant, and continues to mean to me. xx

Your body’s still damp, from your one room apartment…

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I know David Sylvian disowns Japan’s debut album, Adolescent Sex. I know early Eighties Sylvian is infinitely superior in a soulful, shy indie boy kind of way. I know the songs are more intricate and beautiful. But I just can’t shake it….

The pretty hair. The floppy cuffs. The flares. The girly make-up. The sexy, vaguely Imagination-esque sound they were peddling back then. It just does it for me, I’m afraid. It’s a bit grimy, a bit rock’n’roll, a bit glam rock and a lot sexy…

They even covered Barbra Streisand. And Sylvia is infinitely prettier too.

There’s something about those Eighties bassists…

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Okay, maybe I can only summon three to mind whilst writing this [will add more if I can think of them] but still…they do seem to be ageing rather well, don’t they? Recent concert photos of Mr Martin Kemp got me thinking about how dishy he and Mr Nigel Taylor still are – and then I remembered that Mick Karn isn’t doing too badly either. I’m more of a Sylvian kinda girl, but Karn comes a close second with interesting hair and make-up….

Things I have discovered in the last few days

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Vintage Marmalade with Brandy is one of the most heavenly substances known to man.

L’Oreal are evil. They put lead and plastic in their [allegedly] semi-permanent hair dye, don’t list them on the box and Miss Peelpants is thus finding it difficult to achieve her new ideal hair-do in the style of Maureen Starkey. Boo hiss.

Maureen Starkey is the best Beatle-wife.

I have no navigational skills whatsoever.

Venus and Mars are both in my Seventh House at the moment, apparently. I don’t really know what this means, but it sounds scary.

Hard Rock Cafe Pina Coladas are the third most heavenly substance known to man (after the aforementioned marmalade and Cinnabons). I already knew this, but it needed reiterating after Friday night.

Actually perhaps David Sylvian is the most heavenly substance known to man? Or, rather, woman.

Everyone else in the world meets David Tennant and I don’t. I was in Cardiff, it was the perfect time for the Gods to throw me a Tennant. Grumble.

Proper costumed guides who can stay in character are brilliant. And I never have any questions when someone asks if anyone has any questions. Why?

Ashes to Ashes writers are evil geniuses.

Having your back painted with acrylics is really rather lovely.

Anyway. I am now returned from my adventures and will be bringing you some gorgeous new listings as soon as possible!