Happy New Lear

amanda lear, picture spam, seventies fashion

Hope you all had the New Year celebration appropriate to you? Me personally, I’m no fan of the let’s-spend-lots-of-money-celebrating-a-totally-arbitrary-day-or-risk-feeling-like-a-failure clubbing/party scenario (unless it’s a very select group of good friends, which is kinda difficult when they’re all flung so far and wide and I’m usually working over the period anyway) so I had a lovely time snuggled up with a bottle of champagne, a special person and a wonderful view of other people’s fireworks. It’s been a strange old year, 2009, and I’m not sad to see the arse end of it. Although some lovely things did come out of it, and I’m looking forward to the new decade (‘tho I’d have been a bit happier if it had ticked over from 2009 into 1967…..but perhaps one day I’ll get my wish.)

So in view of my total antipathy towards the perceived importance of one year turning into another, I am declaring January 8th to be a very Happy New Lear! Amanda Lear. Yes, everyone’s favourite is he, isn’t she? Who cares anyway? She was one very stylish, sexy and toothsome lady and I feel like posting some pictures of her.

plus the obligatory ‘Out with Moonie’ photo….

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