Wild and Woolly

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Val Moon and Debbie Hudson, known for classic knitted tube dresses and leotards, decided to liven things up by adding some mad accessories to their range: a snake boa made from wool, chenille and metallic threads, which can be wired on to any plain outfit, coiled any way the wearer chooses; outsized dragonflies: sinister vampire bats complete with with red beads scattered like drops of blood (popular with Dracula fans) and exotic orchid lilies. The accessories are not cheap, costing from £10 to £25, and the strapless tube dresses cost £45: all to order from Chantal, 73 St John’s Wood High Street, London, NW8. Words: RAE LAURIKIETIS Pictures: JANE ENGLAND.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from The Sunday Times Magazine, October 22nd 1978.

Another pair of ‘lost’ knitwear designers. Why do knitwear people seem to get lost much more easily? If anyone knows anything about Val or Debbie, please do let me know! These accessories are so perfect.




Vintage Adverts: Smoochers

Make-up, petticoat magazine, seventies fashion, Vintage Adverts

Smoochers from Boots Seventeen. Scanned from Petticoat, November 1974.

Mad orange lipstick packaging, names like Smoochers and Sugar Daddy, men in puffy sleeved shirts….make-up advertising just ain’t what it used to be!

Rod Stewart, October 1973

girl about town, rod stewart, seventies fashion

Happy Birthday Rod! Scanned from Girl About Town, October 1973. A free jobs listings magazine for women, I cannot take the credit for the ‘score’ – it was given to me by Mr Brownwindsor this Christmas! Ah, how scarily well he knows my bizarre reading habits…

I’m happy to find that its former owner was no fan of Rod the Mod and left the pin-up in tact. I will certainly be sharing some of the brilliant job listings in further posts.

All the support you need

caroline baker, Harri Peccinotti, marie helvin, mild sauce, nova magazine, seventies fashion

Some sizzling photos of Marie Helvin. Scanned from Nova, March 1975. Photos by Harri Peccinotti.

Images scanned by Miss Peelpants 


Au revoir stinky old 2011. Happy New Lear!

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As is now my tradition, for I really rather loathe the whole New Year ‘thing’ with a passion, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Lear with a mini-picture spam of new Amanda pictures I’ve seen this year. Several have been pilfered from the fabulous Mr Tarkus. Merci!


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Leaf design bra (£2.75) and pants (90p) by Triumph

Underwear need not just be functional, it can be beautiful too. So with fashion becoming ladylike on top, perhaps it’s time to show some style and imagination on what you wear underneath.

From Honey magazine, December 1974. Photos by Monty Coles.

I want it all.

Images scanned by Miss Peelpants 

Twenties-style slip by Proper Pride (£4.35)

Cami-knickers by Janet Reger (£19.50)

Vintage Adverts: Dubonnet on the rocks

dubonnet, hats, seventies fashion, tights, Vintage Adverts, Vogue

Dubonnet. Scanned from Vogue, November 1972

Vintage Adverts: Chelsea Girl’s word is her bonded Orlon

chelsea girl, seventies fashion, Vintage Adverts

From December 1970. I love me some Chelsea Girl, and this advert is just perfection with the colours, the styling, the design… it even makes me half-fancy a white wig! I think I’ll leave it at the half-fancying stage though…

Thank God for the Seventies…

christmas, glam rock, legs and co, seventies fashion

…for providing me with the only Christmas songs I can deal with, aside from certain carols. I can’t even take the Nutcracker suite due to extreme over-familiarity. So the only ones I can really bear are from the Seventies. I’m not anti-Christmas, I am merely anti-schmaltz.

Plus bonus Legs and Co Christmas routine to ‘Funky Town’. I would like a fairy dressed like them on top of my Christmas tree, as would, I suspect, most men…

Petals in Poster Colours

Foale and Tuffin, harpers and queen, james wedge, Sally Tuffin, seventies fashion

Incredible clothes by Sally Tuffin, incredible photographs by Mr James Wedge; appealing to my interest in all things clown-ish. I love this photoshoot, even more because I have the blue cape on the picture above. Sadly, the pleats have somewhat fallen out (perhaps someone washed it?) and I have no idea how to put them back in again. Bums. Any advice welcomed…

Harpers and Queen, September 1972.