Lily About The House

biba, celebrities in vintage, lily allen, man about the house, moss crepe

I still prefer the red version, but it’s nice to see someone else wandering around London in a flamboyant Biba dress…especially one seen adorning Paula Wilcox in Man About The House. And one I have flounced around in myself, although not nearly enough for my liking.

7 thoughts on “Lily About The House

  1. Love your site, always find it so entertaining. I bought a black crepe Ossie Clark from you about 3 years ago. Yes I noted the dress Lily Allen was wearing. I do remember having something very similar myself although more fitted on the waist and hips, in a pale powder blue crepe, it was a very beautiful dress.

  2. I've become quite enamored with the "Shag" hairstyle as pictured in the older photos in the post. Seems like that style was popular in the early '70s. I first saw it on Jane Fonda in KLUTE.P.S. I've started a 1960s-70s blog, wish me luck…

  3. Smashingbird, I didn't get a good look but I think they were red?C.K I too am starting to warm to that haircut. But I am fairly sure I couldn't pull it off, so I will leave it to those pixie faced ladies who can! Good luck with the blog, although I doubt you need it. I will be checking it out for sure…Anon, thank you!!! Oooh, you don't often see pale blue crepe. A fact I only just realised when I read your comment….how odd!! 😉

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