The Comely Miss Lumley

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Joanna Lumley in her Swinging Sixties modelling days. An unashamedly posh bird who knew how best to work with masses of hair and ‘insufficient flying buttresses‘. I choose my style heroines verrrrrry carefully, you know…

She’s been in two of my favourite cult TV shows of all time (The New Avengers and Sapphire and Steel) and continues to be an elegant, engaging performer and a true lady to this day. I always admire those who broke somewhat pointless social taboos back in the Sixties, and Joanna chose to have her son ‘out of wedlock’ at a time when it would have ruined many a career.

She’s one of those people who just seems to float gracefully above the mêlée of the world below. Elegant, classy and sparky, never a snob or an airhead. She wasn’t drama school trained either, and I often wonder if this makes someone a warmer, more likeable actor (much like the best fashion designers are rarely those propelled from St. Martins each year).

One day I’ll probably do a proper post on The New Avengers and Sapphire and Steel but, until then, enjoy La Lumley, Sixties-style.

5 thoughts on “The Comely Miss Lumley

  1. Yes, it has to be said, the young Joanna Lumley had exactly the kind of body on a woman I like to get at!!Of course, these days the chances are fewer and further between than the days when I was just a young good-looking boy of only 28.Joanna Lumley. Beauty and class! Absolutely ravishing! As a teenager I lusted after her Purdey character in The New Avengers.

  2. Those pics are absolutely…uh…fabulous! ;)BTW, I only recently realized that she was in both The New Avengers and ABFAB, because I rarely watched the former and never the latter. Lumley is a fascinating lady and her independence reminds me a lot of Julie Christie, another woman of that time who made her own way.

  3. Wasn't she versatile! There's so many different looks there, and she makes them all work. The avant-garde-modern-dance pose did made me chuckle a bit though, I must admit. And in that second shot of her in the Russian style outfit she looks strangely like Jennifer Saunders.

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