Live Aid

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Painful as it might be to realise, Live Aid happened 25 years ago today. Even more painful, I imagine, for those who remember it more vividly than I do. I was certainly aware of it, and I remember attending some bring-and-buy sale possibly on the same day, but I wasn’t really old enough to properly appreciate the talent (both musical and totty) on show that day.

It also means that it’s 25 years since Simon Le Bon made the biggest cock-up of his life, in front of a worldwide audience of millions. Ouch. People still use it against him but I can assure you that he has always hit that note when I’ve seen them live. So there.

5 thoughts on “Live Aid

  1. I was just shy of fourteen when Live Aid took place, and in retrospect I guess it was the last hurrah for the classic Duran Duran lineup. For me personally, it was sort of the end of my childhood, with some friends moving away and the fact that I was to start high school that September with all the horror that that entailed. Summer '85 had some fond memories of people and places, etc.And I don't feel old! 😉

  2. I don't remember the day that live aid happened, It has got me thinking to ask family what they did on that day. I would have been 5 years old. How I would have loved to see that line up – especially Queen. Simon reminds me slightly of Elvis in the video, I think it the hair style and shade. Was the bum note near the beginning? Is that so bad I hardly noticed. ❤ Duran Duran, and do recall my Brother saying once, that Simon could never really sing. Maybe he watched Live Aid ;)It's sad to think that 25 years on parts of the world still need the valued aid that Bob fought for all those years ago.Did you see "The One Show" with viewers sending in photos of themselves from Live aid – and now 25 years on.?

  3. Wendy: And yet, somehow, you manage to look about 21. Damn you! 😉 (and no, I don't think you're actually ancient either!!)Missypixie: Well I can only go on personal experience and S L-B has certainly sung beautifully in my presence three times now. I'm sure my brothers were making similar comments at the time though.CK: Well you certainly shouldn't feel old, so I'm glad you don't. I can remember my birthday party that year more vividly than Live Aid…and it was probably the weekend beforehand. Strange….

  4. Thank goodness for Roger's silly dancing part way through Love Reign O'er Me, he was beginning to seem far too attractive to ever say no to. LOL! But Enty stole the whole show just by the way he strolled onstage with total nonchalance and those long legs of his.The only bit of Live Aid I remember from the time is Radio Ga Ga. Mum said we had it on the telly all day, but my mind can only recall that one song. I remember thinking the lyrics were rather daft, so it came as no surprise later in life to discover that the drummer wrote it, LOL!

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