Was Ophelia Pregnant?

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queen - July 68 -john hedgecoe

Queen cover image with model wearing a nightdress by Angela Gore.

Photographed by John Hedgecoe.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Queen, 17th July 1968.

Freddie – The Leggy Queen

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Scanned from the Supersonic Annual 1977.

“And there’s no permanent bird on the horizon either…so you’re all still available to be Freddie’s ’77 mate…a real supersonic hook-up!”

Illustrations in Harpers and Queen, July 1972

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Truly, inspirationally perfect illustrations from Harpers and Queen, July 1972. I recently acquired an Annacat in the same print as the one above, in a slightly different cut, and I have another dress in the exact same cut but a plain green fabric. Annacat dresses make me happy, this spread makes me happy.

If you would like some Annacat happiness in your life, please check out the amazing one I have for sale on my website.

Illustrations by Caroline Smith

Live Aid

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Painful as it might be to realise, Live Aid happened 25 years ago today. Even more painful, I imagine, for those who remember it more vividly than I do. I was certainly aware of it, and I remember attending some bring-and-buy sale possibly on the same day, but I wasn’t really old enough to properly appreciate the talent (both musical and totty) on show that day.

It also means that it’s 25 years since Simon Le Bon made the biggest cock-up of his life, in front of a worldwide audience of millions. Ouch. People still use it against him but I can assure you that he has always hit that note when I’ve seen them live. So there.

Always ready for Freddie

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In many ways, I find Freddie more appealing and fascinating than any other glam rock gods. Bryan may ‘float my boat’ more, Marc might have been inherently prettier and Bowie a bit weirder….but Freddie was just so spectacular, with an element of vulnerability I find hard to resist.

I once happened upon his Kensington home entirely by accident, don’t ask how – it’s very hidden from the main road, and felt a strong sense of connection to him. Seeing that green door [which I remembered from when I was 12, watching news reports about his death] scrawled with messages from fans was genuinely rather lovely and I realised exactly how much the world needs, and misses, Freddie.

I also think he’s wearing my black satin Ossie trousers in this picture. I know it was generally Zandra, but they look very like the Ossie ones….

p.s I would enjoy going into work at the Coli a lot more of this was the vision which faced me every day….

The Teenage Dream: Fashion with Queen

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Dark Girl wears shorts by Ambalu and top by Erica Budd. Blonde girl wears shorts and top by Crochetta.

The Teenage Dream…

…does not always suit a mother’s requirements. Not only is today’s teenager wildly enthusiastic about fashion, pop, hair and makeup, but she also has very firm ideas about what she wants. She is sophisticated, wordly and confident, seeing herelf as a femme fatale – while mother sees her more in terms of gymslips. So here we present the perfect compromise, contrived to impress mother and daughter alike. Visual backing comes from members of the group Queen, whose current hit single for EMI is The Seven Seas of Rhye.

Dark Girl wears skirt by Judit Ullman for Ronnie Stirling and top from Dorothy Perkins. Blonde Girl wears cotton top and skirt by Laura Ashley

Errr…yeah. Very loose premise for a cute photoshoot with a vague hint of groupie about it. Just stay away from those roadies, ok girls? (see below)

Dark girl wears cream culottes by Katharine Hamnett for Tuttanbankem and blouse by Lee Bender at Bus Stop. Blonde girl wears a skirt by Lee Bender at Bus Stop and jacket by Riva from Jane Norman

I adore Freddie Mercury. And doesn’t he look like a lovely guardian angel figure here, in his pleated Zandra tunic? The rest of them freak me out quite a bit, especially [the wrong] Roger Taylor. And I don’t blame those girls for looking so frightened of a looming Brian May. Anyone would be scared of a looming Brian May. Although he’s wearing a rather fabulous cape thing (Zandra Rhodes again). So I’d probably pinch that and run away.

Dark girl wears dress by Biba and cardigan by Ronnie Stirling. Blonde girl wears trousers by Lee Bender at Bus Stop and top from Dorothy Perkins.