Stripes and Sounds: Simon Dupree and the Big Sound in Boyfriend, 1969

boyfriend annual, menswear, psychedelia, simon dupree, sixties, stripeyness

Oh no! Major oversight. I never finished scanning pictures from the Boyfriend annual 1969! Naughty me…. Since it’s a bit of an unofficial menswear week on the blog, here’s the gorgeous Simon Dupree and the Big Sound. So. Many. Stripes. Can’t. Cope. Swoon.

5 thoughts on “Stripes and Sounds: Simon Dupree and the Big Sound in Boyfriend, 1969

  1. I'm really enjoying your unofficial menswear week! Its so great to see bright colours on a man (but can I sell my ultra bright yellow 60s trousers? Nope! Most men these days have lost that sense of adventure I reckon).Its nudging me to get on with a blog post that I've faffed about with for at least a year. One that will put Stockport firmly on the male fashion map (yes, really!)

  2. TinTrunk, You're right. They've lost their sense of adventure. Even the 'Hoxton' trendies with their skinny jeans and stupid hair, it's all for sale in Topman these days. Where's the originality? Where's the refinement? It's just grunge mark II. And as for the 'Fat Face' and various surfer casual styles…well, I doubt many of those gentlemen have ever so much as touched a surfboard. And I can't seem to stop ranting about it, and probably offending lots of men along the way, but I do it about women too…I'm just a bit ranty, and people are too dull!

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