Emmapeelers by Terry O’Neill

1960s, avengers, avengerswear, diana rigg, emma peel, terry o'neill

I am hoping to get to see the Terry O’Neill exhibition this weekend, if I’m feeling up to it. Although I doubt it will feature these photos of Diana Rigg in all her Emmapeeler Glory, more’s the pity. Enjoy!

(I’d rather have a Bates Avengerswear piece, but I certainly wouldn’t say no to an Emmapeeler!)

Photos by Terry O’Neill. TV Guide, June 1967

13 thoughts on “Emmapeelers by Terry O’Neill

  1. First…how's your poor head doing? Apparently you're feeling well enough to do another post today, so that's a good sign. :-)I am a child of the 60's,70's but have to admit that I have never seing an episode of the Avengers! How did I miss it?

  2. Sarsaparilla: My head seems to be much better, I'm just being careful to come off the computer whenever I feel a bit dizzy and still keeping clear of alcohol (and moving carefully/slowly).I don't know how you missed The Avengers, but then again there are tonnes of things I've not seen which I ought and want to see!!I hate to think that Emma Peel was the originator of the tracksuit, but even if she was…I totally blame the costume designer (Alun Hughes, thankfully, not John Bates).I'm growing fonder of Tara, over time. I have yet to meet anyone who absolutely prefers Cathy Gale over any of the others though. Which seems strange….

  3. I suppose the Cathy or Emma or Tara question will always be with us. the difficulty is that the shows were very different with each lady, the stories when Cathy was assistant (or should that be in charge) were much more realistic that the later series.(or at least less fantastic)I think they all bring something unique and I like them all (but can't bear the episode Pandora).

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