An open letter to Bryan Ferry

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Dear Mr Ferry,

There seems to be some sort of immense cock-up, re. your new album. Those wags at the record company appear to have placed something called ‘Kate Moss’ on the front cover. How strange! How careless! Perhaps they need a little reminder of what a Roxy cover girl should really be like.

How kind of you to take the blame for them, by saying it was all your own idea. You’re such a gentleman. Although a little foolish, for who could believe that the BryanGod would ever deem Kate Moss to be a suitable Roxy girl?

You see, the big problem is that I wish to purchase your [surely] superb new piece of work, but I have an allergic reaction to Moss and cannot, therefore, get within a mile of it without breaking out in a rash. What a dilemma! What a pickle!

I look forward to purchasing from you again in the future, when sanity has been restored.

Yours faithfully,

Miss Peelpants

15 thoughts on “An open letter to Bryan Ferry

  1. haha great post! I really fancy Bryan Ferry as an 'older man' is that wrong? my friends think so…Bryan actually goes out with my grandads cousins daughter, she's my age (28) and very hot! …jealous moi?! hehe Bryan is a silver fox 😉

  2. No way…didn't realise he had a young girlfriend! He's not bad as older men go I reckon. He looked lovely in the 60s from what pictures I've seen. My Mam went to the same school as him, she didn't really know him as he was 2 years above her but she remembers seeing him around and to quote her he was "good looking, aloof and out of her league". He's on her 1964 school photo and definitely much nicer and cooler looking than the boys around him…….I'd attach the pic here but don't know the best way to do so…..

  3. Roxy are a great band.But Bryan Ferry is not "aloof" – he's absolutely vacuous. An understandable mistake.As music journalist Lester Bangs once said, he had the misfortune to meet Ferry at a party. Excitement soon turned to the realisation that Ferry is one of the most boring bastards you will ever meet. I agree about the cover girls.

  4. Thank you everyone for your comments. I'm open to all opinions, and I don't mind if you hate Bryan Ferry/Roxy or love Kate Moss, I appreciate anyone taking the time to tell me! (I'm particularly envious of your mum, Mrs Daniel, and I can certainly remember knowing boys like that myself. All I know is that I went utterly to pieces the one time I met him…very embarrassing.) But dear Visualthread, I reserve the right to dislike Miss Moss and I most certainly reserve the right to write about whatever the hell I want to in my blog. As for downloading it. I'm afraid I'm old-school where that is concerned. I love physically owning music, whether it be CD or LP.

  5. Well said Miss Peelpants although I'm with the Bryan Ferry is a boring bastard in real life brigade but I know to you he is BryanGod. You are right to point out that Kate Moss is not an album cover girl. Is there truly anyone at the moment though? Perhaps Lily Cole would have been a better bet but didn't he mess that possibility up by dating her!And actually lets go further and say the Moss overload has got to stop apart from Visualthread who else can be bothered to even glance at her these days.

  6. Gorgeous pictures the one of Amanda Jones and that Jerry Hall shot are two of my favourites.I love Bryan and I also love Kate but I don't necessarily think Kate is right for the cover. I think Kate's been a fantastic model for a very long time but there are other girls that would be more suited to Roxy Music xx

  7. hehehehe,,you made me smile with this post. I was also surprised with the choice, I know she's an icon of our times, but isn't that a predictable choice? and when I look at her I don't get the vibe Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry is all about… but hey she somehow manages to stay relevant year after year after year yawn… 😉

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