Mensday: The London Look

british boutique movement, hung on you, Mensday, menswear, michael rainey, pierre cardin, sixties

A bevy of very dandy dudes grace this double page spread in London Life (March 19th, 1966). Look out for Michael Rainey, founder of Hung On You. I particularly love the juxtaposition between the young bucks and the old farts in the same spread.

4 thoughts on “Mensday: The London Look

  1. love the men's style. i couldn't help but laugh because when i first read your post title, kate moss's voice immediately popped into my head and said, "get the london look" if anything, rimmel is very effective at advertising. great post!xxo

  2. Love the Bunny Rogers look, but he always was a dandy, and nice to see Michael Raynee, of 430 King's Road (later Westwood and McLarens shop) getting a shout –

  3. Miss Rayne – I think I'd pick Gordon Deighton. Rowr. And yes, I'm sure Mr Rogers is wearing some kind of man girdle. Or perhaps it's just the power of his tailoring…Alexis – Noooooo!!! Nobody is allowed to read my blog with Kate Moss's voice in their head. That's just wrong 😉

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