Watching Out

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I was aghast to read recently that Old England was being ‘relaunched’ as a brand. This isn’t entirely surprising, given my usual reaction to such endeavours, but I was particularly cheesed off because I was still awaiting my very own original Old England timepiece. Ever since I knew about their collaboration with The Avengers, in the Alun Hughes-era rather than John Bates, I have been wanting one of my very own. I have extremely skinny wrists, and I either need something very delicate and barely there or I need some ridiculously big statement. Old England watches are perfect for the latter…

Diana Rigg in an Avengerswear mac by Dannimac, hat by Edward Mann and watch by Old England.

Patrick Macnee and Twiggy. Twiggy is wearing an Avengerswear Old England watch

Now it’s around her ankle!

Miniature versions in 1968

So imagine my delight when I peered into a cabinet in a delightfully ramshackle antiques shop in Bexhill and spied this acid green confection. A wind and a few gentle shakes by the shop owner got it started after goodness knows how many years in the cabinet. It’s missing one of the strap bars across the back, but for £10 how could I say no?

11 thoughts on “Watching Out

  1. Don't start me on the Old England thing, ridiculous. I have a few pieces I have built up over the years, a couple of union jacks ones and from your pics I realise I have an Avengers one too! Oh yes also a giant belt buckle version – must blog! Yours was a super bargain, love the colour!

  2. Smashingbird – I would LOVE to see your collection, and I would kill for the Avengers one! ;)It's such a wacky colour, and really not 'me' but I don't care. It's a good one for when I'm forced to wear black for work but I can make my little rebellion on my wrist…Margaret – Oh how I wish my ankles were as skinny as Twiggy's! I have tried, but it doesn't fit around 😦

  3. Fantastic find, I'm currently rewatching the colour season, don't like the clothes as much as the b&w but there are a few nice pieces and the colours really pop.

  4. Managed to buy 2 of these now, hopefully enveiling the new one which is a pendant Old England watch on a looped chain which my wife will be wearing as a kind of belt to a sixities party in October.. The first one I found by accident, still boxed (it is the large rectagular one worn by Diana and Twiggy.. £5..not working… wonderfully, I got it fixed for just £15! It is such a nice watch… lovely blog btw, always interesting.

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