RIP Flick Colby

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Flick Colby, genius choreographer and creator of my beloved Pan’s People, Ruby Flipper and Legs & Co. dance troupes, has very sadly lost her battle with cancer at the age of 65. As with so many creative legends, the real tribute is in their body of work – and what a body of work Flick had! Here are some favourite photos and performances (Flick’s own performances, prior to bowing out from the dancing, are limited because of the BBC’s wanton destruction of their archives in the Seventies). Rest in peace, beautiful lady.

7 thoughts on “RIP Flick Colby

  1. I met her 20 years ago, long after Pan's People. She was still living in London then, and took me and my wife (her step-sister's best friend, so not exactly a close relative) out to lunch. A generous, warm, beautiful and funny woman. RIP.

  2. Thanks for the post, I googled Flick Colby and found your blog. They did a great routine to Two Left feet by the Kursaal Flyers. She certainly was THE star of ToP.

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