Miss Peelpants does a video

cherry gillespie, Duran Duran, geekiness, haute naffness, pan's people, ruby flipper

No, not a tutorial. There’s enough of that kind of thing out there already. Nobody needs/wants to know my methods of applying eyeliner, curling my hair or picking my nose (or whatever else people do them for…). When I get a case of the blues, which I have had rather lately, I end up doing stupidly geeky things. The end result this time is a ‘fan vid’ for Cherry Gillespie (Pan’s People, Ruby Flipper, general goddess…) and her hair. To the strains of Duran Duran’s ever-so-perfect Big Thing. If it’s your kind of thing, do enjoy. Otherwise, see you tomorrow for something else. Hopefully better. Although how it could possibly be so, is something I can’t quite imagine…

Every week, during the Top of the Pops 1976 repeats on BBC4, Mr Brownwindsor has to put up with me sitting there blathering on about Cherry’s hair. This is why:

7 thoughts on “Miss Peelpants does a video

  1. Somehow she comes across as very petite on her own, but when she's with the other dancers she's not noticeably shorter than they are. Perhaps she's just very delicately built, and big hair makes her look smaller…

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