Dance! Dance! Dance!

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Shoes by Charles Jourdan. Jewellery from Liberty.

Hair by Michelle at Harambee. Photographed by Peter Barry.

Scanned from 19 Magazine, July 1979.

Vintage Adverts: The pants with definite appeal

1970s, cosmopolitan, haute naffness, Vintage Adverts


‘The pants with definite appeal’? It’s like this advert was made for me to find…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Scanned by Miss Peelpants from Cosmopolitan, September 1973

Stars of ’69

1960s, album covers, haute naffness, interesting record sleeves

stars of 69

“…and the award for Most Literal Album Cover of the Decade goes to….”

Best 20p I have ever spent/worst wig I’ve ever seen…

Clowning Around

1970s, album covers, clowns, haute naffness, interesting record sleeves


Sexy? Quirky? Disturbing? I’ll leave that up to you. I’m afraid I couldn’t resist it…

Formerly belonging to a Miss Corinne Hall of Chichester. Scanned by Miss Peelpants. Dated 1973

Making Lingerie and Nightwear

1970s, haute naffness, loungewear, underwear

I had three reasons to buy this glorious book from 1979: the beautiful illustrations (which I will scan at a later date), a vague idea that it might be rather cool to start making Seventies-style lingerie and lastly, that the photos within are quite spectacular. Of course, my definition of spectacular is slightly different to many people, but there are plenty of levels on which you can enjoy them.

(Published by Mills & Boon, no less!)

Unisex sleepsuits

Victorian negligee

Bra and slip

Strapless corselette

Nightwear into evening wear

Vintage Adverts: A Bird in the Bed

1970s, haute naffness, Vintage Adverts

Scanned from Vogue, April 1973

I’ve always wondered if the joy of having a sex-ay round bed would be totally outweighed by the task of attempting to make it up? If you can even buy sheets and duvets specifically for a round bed? I fear I may never find out…

Does anyone know the way… to Chartbusters?

1970s, album covers, glam rock, haute naffness, interesting record sleeves, Slade, the sweet

I really try to keep such frivolous record purchases to a minimum (I mean, how many times do I want to listen to somebody else’s version of songs I love?) but certain covers are pretty much impossible to resist. Knitted hotpants and thigh high socks? Lace-up knitted top? Wildly hairy jacket? Perfect Jo Grant-style feather haircut? Yes. Please.

If you, like me, love all things Seventies [and are in the UK], then don’t forget to tune into Dominic Sandbrook’s new series on the era on BBC2 at 9pm tonight. Plus a new series of Sounds of the Seventies after this at 10pm. Heaven…

I also never need much excuse to post videos by Slade and Sweet…

Mensday: From the sublime to the ridiculous, and back again…

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Bryan Ferry

Pilfered from a SuperSonic annual (1977) I found in a charity shop in Ramsgate. Some of the best and worst examples of manhood from the period. I don’t know all of them terribly well, so feel free to pipe up if you used to throw your knickers at any of them.

For all the ridiculousness of how some of them look, it alarms me a lot less than how most modern men dress. I saw a chap the other week wearing a tweed jacket (tick) with crotch-at-the-knee jeans (ick). You might be 50% vintage, but you still look like a prat. Top marks, of course, to the BryanGod and the guy from The Arrows (below) in the velvet trousers. Yum.

The Arrows

Rod Stewart


Bilbo Baggins




Slik (with pre-Ultravox Midge Ure)


David Essex

Bright Ideas For The Home, 1978

1970s, haute naffness, interior design

There are too many brilliant photos for me to scan from Bright Ideas For The Home by Per Dalsgaard and Elisabeth Erichsen (1978), so I’ve restricted myself to six of my favourites.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants

Vac-formed arses? Coupled with those suspiciously shaped side lamps? Yikes...

I particularly love the way the heads in the background are looking at each other disapprovingly...

Ladies!! Don’t all rush at once…

1970s, cosmopolitan, harpers and queen, haute naffness

In honour of the general weird horridness of Valentine’s Day when you’re a singleton, here are some superb dating adverts from Harpers and Queen and Cosmopolitan, 1972 and 1975 respectively. Personally, I would stay well away from Peter, theatre or no theatre, and I’d be a bit concerned for my safety down the disco with Bob.