Thank God for the Seventies…

christmas, glam rock, legs and co, seventies fashion

…for providing me with the only Christmas songs I can deal with, aside from certain carols. I can’t even take the Nutcracker suite due to extreme over-familiarity. So the only ones I can really bear are from the Seventies. I’m not anti-Christmas, I am merely anti-schmaltz.

Plus bonus Legs and Co Christmas routine to ‘Funky Town’. I would like a fairy dressed like them on top of my Christmas tree, as would, I suspect, most men…

3 thoughts on “Thank God for the Seventies…

  1. Thank you Mr Mondo!! Love the Marc, looking forward to listening to the podcast when I have a day off, and I also [unsurprisingly] love the psychedelic advertising post. Perdita, I quite, quite agree. God bless Noddy Holder…

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