Rod Stewart, October 1973

girl about town, rod stewart, seventies fashion

Happy Birthday Rod! Scanned from Girl About Town, October 1973. A free jobs listings magazine for women, I cannot take the credit for the ‘score’ – it was given to me by Mr Brownwindsor this Christmas! Ah, how scarily well he knows my bizarre reading habits…

I’m happy to find that its former owner was no fan of Rod the Mod and left the pin-up in tact. I will certainly be sharing some of the brilliant job listings in further posts.

3 thoughts on “Rod Stewart, October 1973

  1. Thanks for that! I guess Rod has been overlooked in the David Bowie birthday tribs. I liked Rod when I was a girl – he was always a bit naughty in a laddish way, and had that great (or should that be the 'grate' voice…sorry…) Nice piccy of him too as his dress sense wasn't always as smart.

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