Gabrielle Drake in Cosmopolitan, 1973

1970s, avengers, david montgomery, Gabrielle Drake

Dress and hat by Shop O. Shoes by Walter Steiger.

“But I don’t hide the bags under my eyes … I like that slightly haggard look!”

Gabrielle Drake featured in Cosmopolitan, June 1973. Photographed by David Montgomery.

Scanned by Miss Peelpants.

19 thoughts on “Gabrielle Drake in Cosmopolitan, 1973

  1. This is Nick Drake’s sister? She’s supposed to have a role in 1969’s Roger Moore “epic”, Crossplot, but as many times as I’ve seen that tail-end-of-Swinging London movie, I can never spot Gabrielle.

    1. Indeed she is Nick’s sister. She *is* in Crossplot, I can’t remember her exact role but I think perhaps she’s wearing a dark wig and is less recognisable. I will forever think of her as ‘Angora’ in The Avengers…

    2. Gabrielle is indeed in Crossplot. She plays Roger Moore’s assistant in the office scenes where everyone is talking at once. She can also be seen in the background of another scene as they are doing the photo shoot of the Model. Not really a large role for Gabrielle.

  2. This flower print is FANTASTIC. Sometimes I wish it was easy to dig up the names of the designers/artists who painted fabric prints. PS: Love this new blog space!

    1. Thank you Lise, I’m so very glad I moved the blog – it’s done me a lot of good I think!

      It’s sad how many great artists (illustrators and textile designers) have been lost in the mists of time through poor crediting practice by magazines and manufacturers.

  3. Gabby is in the first 10 minutes of “Crossplot” as a secretary who does little more that bounce about the set and look confused. Not a big role. She had a better role in “Kill 2 Birds” aka “Cry Terror”. Can’t think of any really great movie shes been in.
    As Gay Ellis in UFO she was a first class space babe. Shes had plastic models and action figures made in her likeness.
    With that voice, good looks, and her education, she could have been an international superstar.
    Check out Much Wenlock where she and her husband live in a ruined abbey and preside over the Much Wenlock festival.

  4. Always nice to see a new photo of Gabrielle who I happen to know. I had seen mention of her doing other fashion shoots like this but this is the first time I have seen the photos from one.

  5. i was lucky enough to actually meet the enchanting miss drake last month at her place in shropshire, she still looks wonderful!! hope to meet her again next month at the wenlock festival!(nigel)

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